BUZZMAX.CA Press Release June 26, 2015


Canadian Telecommunications Company Offers Premium, Affordable Home Internet and Phone Services

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, JUNE 26, 2015 – BUZZMAX.CA is the well-known premium Toronto-based telecommunications offering affordable, high quality home internet and phone services. The company focuses on delivering economically priced services that boast premier quality and has operated since 2006 as a business unit of ZINAM Consulting Inc.

As of December 2013, approximately 31,661,870 Canadians were using the internet. This number, which represents just over 90% of the population, is believed to have since risen, and internet usage numbers are expected to continue upward trends. With a sluggish economy due to falling oil prices in the first quarter of 2015, consumers have felt the effects of a slightly dipping economy in their pocketbooks. With summertime travels and fun just ahead, consumers are anticipated to increase spending, but one thing is expected to stay the same: consumers will continue to enjoy the internet. BUZZMAX.CA is proud to offer economical solutions to meet the internet needs of all consumers with packages starting at $39 per month.

BUZZMAX.CA provides a wide variety of in-demand consumer telecommunications services outside of internet services. BUZZMAX.CA also delivers free and affordable phone options. BUZZMAX.CA customers can call each other for free, enjoying unlimited 24/7 calls without contracts. Canada calling packages start at $19, and consumers can call the U.S. and 40 other countries for $39 per month. These costs are a fraction of competitors charges, offering consumers an opportunity to receive premium quality services at prices that are conducive to family budgets.

For consumers who are interested in bundling multiple services, BUZZMAX.CA delivers economy priced packages. Home phone and internet services can be purchased together with BUZZMAX.CA packages starting at $49 per month.

BUZZMAX.CA is owned and operated by ZINAM Consulting Inc. ZINAM started as an telecom and IT consulting firm and later expanded into technology infrastructure and related services. ZINAM, which is listed by CRTC to offer internet services to consumers, delivers fiber connectivity solutions and has positioned itself as a leader in the market with its own data centres and leading edge technology infrastructure to deliver services to Canadian and international customers. BUZZMAX.CA services are currently offered via DSL and VDSL, and the company plans to expand to cable as well. Currently,

All BUZZMAX.CA services are economically priced and offer exceptional quality, as well as true unlimited usage without contracts and long-term commitments. More information can be found at


BUZZMAX.CA is an Ontario-based company offering full-service, premium telecommunications solutions, including high speed internet, home phone, and long distance services at great rates.


Phone: 406-800-0900

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