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Testing your Internet Speed!

Before you run your speed test, please be aware of the following facts:


1. You are or no one in your home is using the Internet when you are doing this test. Your IP TV or a cell phone running at the same time while you are trying to test the speed of your internet may not give you accurate results.


2. Use an Ethernet Cable connection between your computer and Internet Modem.


3. You can NOT test a true internet speed on your Wireless Internet Connection. Make sure you are not connected via wireless connection.


4. Choose the correct Internet Speed Server which gives you a true latency.


 If you are ready, please following the steps below.


Step 1:  Go to and click “SETTINGS” from the top menu option.


Click on "Settings"
Click on “Settings”
Step 2: Choose the nearest speed server form “Preferred Server”. e.g : “Select any server from “Toronto” or city you live in. Check the picture below:


Choose your “Preferred Server” from the drop down! e.g “Toronto”

 Step 3: click on “SAVE” and now test your speed.



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